Opening – Launching – Press Conference – Annual General Meeting
Wedding – Annual Dinner – Luncheon – Family Day – Open Day – Carnival
Exhibition – Seminar – Talk – Forum – Training
Mini Concert – Live Performance – Karaoke Contest


In the world of event management, the smallest detail can make the biggest difference. And when it comes to your event, you don’t want surprises, you want results.

PAnet is a full-service event solutions provider specializing in doing the “little things” for your events anything from the smallest wedding function to the large corporate presentation or commercial mini concert.


event is too small for us… managed with the same level of professionalism

Our wide range of solution includes sound (pa system), lighting, effect, stage and truss, consists only of tried and tested brand name professional equipments and components, ensuring the ultimate in quality and reliability.

Whatever and wherever your event, just send in your requirements and we’ll do our best to offer the solutions package at the right price. All equipment is delivered, set-up, professionally managed and collected by us.


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