FOH Sound System

FOH is an abbreviation for front of house, is used to describe the main mixer usually located in the audience for sound reinforcement systems. It is meant to differentiate the main house mixer from the monitor mixer normally located to the side of the stage.

We have 3 primary solutions of FOH Sound System to suit our clients’ application and budget.


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Behringer is one of the worldwide known brand of audio company based in Monaco, France.

The company has a wholly-owned and vertically-integrated plant in the People’s Republic of China to produce its whole range of products. That is why, the company manage to sell professional products at affordable prices.

Under this solution, we provide our clients with the selection of equipments as listed below,

  • Behringer Europower PMX4000 (400W, 8ch)
  • Behringer Xenyx x1832USB (6ch)
  • Behringer Eurolive B210D (160W) active full range speaker
  • Behringer Eurolive B212XL (200W) passive full range speaker
  • Behringer Eurolive VS1520 (300W) passive full range speaker
  • IVA em2.6 (2x300W) amplifier
  • IVA M5.0mkII (2x350W) amplifier
  • IVA em4.5 (2x500W) amplifier

These equipments are suitable for small presentation in class of less than 50 pax up to live performance with an audience of 300 pax.

Cost starts from RM300 per day


Nexo is among the world leaders in professional loudspeakers industry.

The Nexo’s PS product line is undoubtedly one of the most successful 2-way boxes (probably the industry’s most common format) in the history of sound reinforcement.

Among the equipments being used under this category are,

  • Yamaha MG16/6FX (8+4 ch)
  • Allen & Heath ZED-22FX (16+3 ch)
  • Nexo PS-10 (500W) passive full range speaker
  • Nexo PS-12 (500W) passive full range speaker
  • Nexo PS-15 (600W) passive full range speaker
  • IVA MLA 118S (600W) passive sub-woofer
  • Nexo LS1200 (800W) passive sub-woofer
  • IVA Pro-12 (2x700W) amplifier
  • IVA Pro-18 (2x1100W) amplifier
  • Signal Processor & Effect Rack

These equipments are suitable for typical speech event of 500 pax up to live performance with an audience of 1500 pax.

Cost starts from RM800 per day


Another leading manufacturer of audio system with more than 30 years experience, C-MARK now establishes their manufacturing facility in Republic of China.

In December 2008, C-MARK speaker has been granted with the award of “Superior Quality Products” by China Entertainment Technology Association in the first professional loudspeaker’s industrial competition.

The equipments under this category comprises of,

  • Yamaha MG32/14FX (24+4 ch) analog mixing console
  • PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 (24 ch) digital mixing console
  • Yamaha LS9-32 (32 ch) digital mixing console
  • C-Mark LND32A (1300W) active line array speaker
  • C-Mark BT36 (2x800W) passive sub-woofer
  • MKlen LA120 (600W) active line array speaker
  • MKlen RL218 (2x1600W) passive sub-woofer
  • Signal Processor & Effect Rack

Audience of 3000-6000 pax.

Cost starts from RM5,000 per day

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